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The platypus is is a much-maligned animal as far as mammals go. This monotreme, endemic to Eastern Australia/Tasmania, has since been mislabeled as a marsupial, inaugurated as a college football trophy, and commandeered as the mascot of a Mac OS X developer tool.

Anatomically, the platypus is a mess. Platypus lay eggs like a bird or reptile but also has hair and lactates like a mammal. But it has no nipples… ?! It is semi-aquatic, with a beaver-like tail to aid in propulsion. And like fish, it can detect electrical currents, which is how it hunts for prey.

And don’t even think of pulling any smart ass jokes (How do you pluralize platypus? Platypi? Platypusses?) – as one of the few venomous mammals, this bad boy can poison you 80 different ways!

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