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After a busy holidays and a busy return to the working world, I am finally back to writing!  The fact that I seem to have broken my space key on my laptop did not help to speed my return nor did my habit of picking up more work than I can handle.  But here I am and now I have some good and bad news.

When I first started AlbinoMouse, I hoped to accomplish several things:

  1. Establish myself as a writer
  2. Re-connect with the things I love about science

I think I accomplished Point #1 .  I was able to get a job with a reputable blog and well as writing gigs several other sites.  For that alone I am grateful.  I always wanted to be a writer, but let myself be convinced that science was a good career path.

And when we’re all finished laughing…

Point #2… ehhhhhh.  For a while, I was really enjoying pushing out a few posts a week and having lots of visitors to my site.  But then, like my first go-around with science, I just got bogged down with the drama, the sheer stupidity of some of the things I read, and the fact that I was again, bored.

So AlbinoMouse is going on a bit of a holiday.  I may update the site and I may not – I don’t want to set anything in stone, but at the same time, I can’t promise regular content. I will still be on Twitter!

In fact, I’m starting a new blog venture!  It’s going to be a multi-faceted blog and yet, in many ways it will be more focused than AlbinoMouse was.   I’m going to stick with writing  about the things I’m passionate about and I hope many of you will be curious enough to follow me and find out where I end up.


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